Class dates are October 23, 30, November 6, 13, 20, December 4th

Taught By


Kunal Jaggi
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Skype Consults with


Jeb Beach
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This class is in TORONTO

601 Christie Street
Suite 251

Cost (tax incl)

6-week* Session: $377
12-week* Session: $692


Please Contact Us Here if you’d like to arrange Free auditing for this class.

The Motivation

This is the why and how of the industry of entertainment.

We are in the business of collaborating with networks and studios to craft an experience for their audience.

When we understand the symbiosis of business and art, we can clearly and quickly identify and inhabit tone, style, pace, and other often missed but vital parameters.

Once we have this skill under our belt, we are able to take our auditions further, making the absolute most out of often very tight preparation time lines, and elevating work from “audition” to professional collaboration with casting. Every time.

The Format

Each week, class will start with a full review of a series or production currently shooting in Toronto, with detailed notes and video review where available.  This will be the basis of our ongoing industry awareness discussion.

New materials will be emailed to you every week, and you will bring them in audition-ready. We’ll coach it on camera for whatever style/show it’s been written in and practice adjusting it to the style of the show of the week.

What would your Designated Survivor audition look like if it was actually on The Good Witch?  How does The Handmaid’s Tale read if it’s an ABC Pilot?

This working understanding of the why and how behind stylistic demand is the driving force of our work.  It will ensure that we are continually keeping up with the stride and pace of our constantly evolving industry.


Weekly Skype with Jeb

Once a week, you’ll have a 15-minute Skype Meeting with JBA Founder, Jeb Beach.

He will review video of your work from class that week ahead of time, discuss acting notes from that week, overall career goals, and offer support to apply in class.


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*all six and twelve-week sessions are for consecutive weeks and subject to the JBA B2B TW SS Attendance Policy