This workshop is in TORONTO.

Special guest, Casting Director LARISSA MAIR joins us on day two!

Taught By

Jeb Beach Vancouver Acting Coach

Jeb Beach
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Date & Time

Saturday/Sunday July 29-30


This workshop is in TORONTO

587a College Street

Cost (tax incl)

Active Participant: $377 – Active participation is sold out

Seminar Participant: $125


Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Motivation

This is the why and how of the industry of entertainment.

We are in the business of collaborating with networks and studios to craft an experience for their audience.

When we understand the symbiosis of business and art, we can clearly and quickly identify and inabit tone, style, pace, and other often missed but vital parameters.

Once we have this skill under our belt, we are able to take our auditions further, making the absolute most out of often very tight preparation time lines, and elevating work from “audition” to professional collaboration with casting. Every time.

The Format

This two-day intensive is designed to define and refine the skill and thought process behind stylistic adjustment.

You’ll delve into the network-driven but often invisible directives that define the space in which your characters should live.  We’ll provide a detailed analysis including notes, and video review of  FOUR contrasting Toronto-shot TV shows over the course of the weekend.

Working with several different scenes from those shows, you’ll work in several different styles,  understand the business-logic behind why your scene lives where it does,  hone the ability to adjust from one to the other on the fly, and be deeply aware of the ins and outs of each of the shows.

The result is a well-earned confidence in the material and in character choice, and the presentation of a competent professional who adds collaborative value to every single audition.

To wrap the day, Casting Director LARISSA MAIR will join us and take you  through the trials of it all – throwing notes at you that challenge your ability to shift from one style to the next.


Participation Options

There are two participation options for this workshop. Note that only ACTIVE Participation will qualify for the add-on weekly meet up option with weekly Skype review with Jeb.


Seminar Participants  ($125) will be prepared to prepare for the work:

  • Gain the industry, seasonal and personal perspective needed to productively and expertly prepare to collaborate with casting for every audition.
  • Develop a business-driven perspective that will inform choice.
  • Gain insight into industry trends that will shed light on career opportunities
  • Work OFF-Camera as readers for Active Participants
  • Receive hard-copy of detailed notes on each of the shows reviewed.


Active Participants ($377 – CURRENTLY SOLD OUT in addition to all of the above, will put it all in to practice.

  • Work new materials on camera each day, and
  • Be guided through their personal adjustment to style and making it work on camera.
  • Develop a personal practical ownership of the styles of each network.
  • Learn to make major adjustments – get freed from being ‘stuck in a choice’
  • Receive downloadable copies of all on camera work.
  • Work on camera with Casting Director 


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