Aadila Dosani 350x350
Aadila is a Vancouver based actor, producer and coach.
Her career started booming the last couple years after finding her team at JBA and really understanding how to meld both the creative storytelling elements/craft actors bring to their work with the “business” side (knowing and understanding networks, style and the space in which the audition must live). 
Her film/tv career ranges from EXTENSIVE work in commercials to multi/single camera comedy – series regular on Upstairs Amy. Aadila has worked on a plethora of local television shows and is currently recurring on a dramatic mini-series here in Vancouver. 
Aadila has also gained a unique perspective on the audition process as she is also a reader for a very busy Casting Director in the city. 
She is all about them BOOKING VIBES & then ending the day with a margarita or scotch… possibly some nachos!