Taught By

Jeb Beach Vancouver Acting Coach

Jeb Beach
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Date & Time

Wednesdays 10am-2pm


Wednesdays 4pm-8pm


Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0002

Cost (tax incl)

One-time drop in: $89

Four-week* session: $350

Eight-week* session: $638


Free Auditing is available. Please Contact Us to arrange.


Ideally you are a represented actor who is auditioning for film and television.


you can show through a training resume and/or video of your work that you are comfortable with your acting process, and ready to fine tune auditioning.

as well as invitation from instructor.

The Motivation

The name says it all.  This class is for the advanced/established actor who wishes to work their materials in the environment of professional collaboration that is our industry.  

We focus on deep industry knowledge and awareness combined with full artistic commitment and expression to create your best possible on camera work.

The Format

Each week, class will start with a full review a series or production currently shooting in Vancouver, with detailed notes and video review where available.  This will be the basis of our ongoing industry awareness discussion.

You will bring new materials audition ready for class (select from options emailed to you, from our database, or bring your own). We’ll coach it on camera for whatever style/show it’s been written in and practice adjusting it to the style of the show of the week.

What would your Flash audition look like if it was actually on Chesapeake Shores?  How does Dirk Gently read if it’s an ABC Pilot?

This working understanding of the why and how behind stylistic demand is the driving force of our work.  It will ensure that we are continually keeping up with the stride and pace of our constantly evolving industry.

Constantly advancing.  On Camera.



These classes are by instructor invitation only. 

Please complete the application below, and Jeb will review your info.  If it looks like you’re a good fit, we will normally have a spot for you within 1-3 weeks.

Questions?  Please drop us a line here

  • Please tell us about your acting experience (training/background are you currently repped by an agent etc) and why you'd like to participate in this class.
  • please attach a copy of your resume. Accepted formats are: pdf, doc, pages.
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*all four and eight-week sessions are for consecutive weeks and subject to the JBA B2B TW SS Attendance Policy