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Upcoming Webinars (scheduling is subject to change – guests’ schedules are shifting as the industry returns!)

September 8th: Building the Future Relationships in your Series Regular Audition
Working with actors in live environment on a scene from a currently shooting TV Series, Jeb demonstrates how to craft Relational Future Story into the work.  

September 15th: Obserational vs Participatory Tones for TV: Working with actors in live environment, Jeb will show how to make shifts   in the work and be alive and interesting across the board.

September 22nd: 11am Crushing Self tapes and LINKING IN with Wesley Salter and Matthew Kevin Anderson

 September 29th, 11am: Aleks Paunovic
A hard-working, non-stop working series regular, comicon attending working with the best generous human.  

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Jeb Beach
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