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Taught By

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Jill Morrison
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Jessie Fraser
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Date & Time

Tuesdays with Jessie: 5pm-9pm
Thursdays with Jill: 6pm-10pm



Live Online

Cost (tax incl)

One-time drop in: $80

Four-week* session: $296

Eight-week* session: $530


Free Auditing is available. Please Contact Us to arrange.

The Motivation

Auditioning is a skill in and of itself.  It’s all about creating an engaging experience for the audience, and collaborating with casting to create interesting, viable character options for their client.  Back to Booking is the industry-driven, weekly auditioning training designed to keep you showing up to be invited back.  Every time.

The Format

Jill and Jessie teach their classes slightly differently.  We encourage you to audit both to see which teacher and format resonates best for you.

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For more info on the Thursday class with Jill Click Here