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Jill Morrison
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Saturday & Sunday
January 13th/14th



Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0002

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Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Motivation

Think making an engaging dramatic audition requires skill?  Try comedy.

Comedy is HARD.  It’s intricate, fast, and full.  It has to appear seamless, there’s no room for error, but it must be original and creative.

We love to laugh, and we want to work with people who can take us there. Funny people get hired.

Learning when and how to adjust from single cam to multi cam (sitcom) and knowing where, when and how to bring comedic relief within a dramatic piece are all skills that build bookings.  We should work on that.

So… let’s be FUNNY!


Find the funny and lightness in leading roles, find the bravado and gems of the character roles.
Focus on Energy, Strong brave choices, Voice, understanding the jokes and breaking down comic scenes.
Examine and understand the differences betweeen single camera comedy and multi cam.
Learn where comedy plays a part in MOW’s, and the certain catergories of MOW’s (ex. Lifetime versus Hallmark)
Know comedy plays a part in Drama

Then… put it all into PRACTICE in a network callback style audition format.

The Format


Get to know each other, and know the basics. begin the day with exercsies for Improv for Actors, with the motivation of:

finding the funny
honing in on instincts: staying sharp, fast and on your toes
developing characters
staying in character
telling a story together

Now that the ice is broken, and we are warmed up, the scenes (given 24 hours beforehand) are auditioned and worked. We work hard, we sweat, and we are rewarded with dynamic, honest, funny characters that are appropriate for the network and type of show they belong in.

New scenes are given for Sunday morning, and actors are paired up.


More improv for actors, specific for the work we are doing:

Find the gems on the page, learn to recognize the jokes and how they are set up.
Focus on the the differences between single camera comedy and four camera are played out on camera.
Technical stuff – blocking, stacking, and terms on set.


Practice working and reworking your audition in a network callback format with Jill – who has successfully worked that dynamic on both sides of the camera for years and years.


Then… go forward…be confident… BE FUNNY.


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