Booked Many Leads…Landed My First Series Regular Role


I have been working with Jeb for five years now. He has been a very important part of my film and television career.

Initially, I was referred to Jeb by my agent – I had a big audition with a huge emotional requirement, and he helped me break down barriers. I had already done theatre and film school training, but I was having troubles connecting to my emotionality. It was a scene from Flash Point where you have a hostage, the sniper is pointed at you and it is a life and death situation.  I was amazed at how he just knew how to help find an emotional prep to get me where I needed to be.

Although I didn’t book that gig, I continued to train and coach with Jeb, and I landed my first role. I was going out for Caprica and the character was described as big, stupid, slow fixing his motorcycle. I am the opposite little fast and smart and never road a motorcycle in my life. We prepped the scene and I auditioned. I got a call a few months later from my agent saying I had booked a role for a different character. Another lesson learned, you never know what is the right role but as Jeb says “the actor who works the most works the most.”

I went on to book  many lead roles: Marley and Me: The Puppy Years, Supernatural, Fairly Odd Christmas to name a few. Then as I tried to ‘move up’ in my career, and started spending time in LA,  I auditioned for over a year and half and was not booking anything.

During this past pilot season in LA, even though he was in Vancouver, I was able to rely on Jeb for support through his blog.  I read an article he wrote about concentrating too much on the social media aspects and business side of things. It really hit home. I was not concentrating on my craft. I also read another blog where he mentioned not letting harvest season go to waste. I feel during pilot season I had used those auditions for getting back into the swing of things. I felt as Jeb says most actors feel during this period “the sky is falling.” In spite of this, his blog helped me to stay focussed on the tasks at hand and keep things going forward.



I couldn’t really afford classes,  I thought I could not afford to let more opportunities pass me by. When I returned to Vancouver,  was excited to see that Jeb had started a new training program,  Back to Booking. I enrolled in the class and immediately found my chops getting up to speed. The class is great because you can use actual audition sides in the class. I had a call for the new YTV Series Some Assembly Required  being shot in Vancouver. We ran it in class and Jeb gave me some feedback and ideas that were very valuable to me. I then got a callback and we ran that in his class too. Even after the monthly class was done Jeb was still checking up on me to see how things were going. Well…  I landed my first series regular role!

I thank Jeb so much for everything and would recommend anyone at any level to work with him.


Travis Turner | Actor

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