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Wesley Salter
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Date & Time

Wednesday & Friday Mornings


Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0052


$44 One-Time
$125 4-weeks
$215 8-weeks


Auditing is not available

About Wesley

As a former Casting Associate with one of the busiest casting houses in North America, Wesley presents a unique and priceless perspective.  He has participated in hundreds and hundreds of Casting sessions and has first hand knowledge and insight into what makes a successful audition vs an unsuccessful audition.

The Motivation

In weekly classes, teachers work with us to take our work further together.  If we truly want to develop to our fullest potential, we must practice taking things further still.  We need to make wherever we finish in class the STARTING POINT of our work, and challenge ourselves to do more.

Combining this truth with insight that makes clear where our work is really at compared with what books is a recipe for achievement.

CALLBACKS with Wesley Salter is about creating that accountability with an industry vet who can help you to clearly see, based on experience, when, how, and why your work is likely to be ‘in the mix’ or why it’s not quite making the cut.

Know what you are working for, where you’re at, and what you need to do to get there. Push your creativity outside of class, take your work further to booking – find out if you re ‘pinned’ and put the short list and why.  Clearly identify where the next level opportunity in your work lies, and take ownership of what to work on for your next class.

The Format

Take a scene from your weekly class or audition that part that you really wanted and thought you nailed but ‘went away’ and bring it in for a Callback session with Wesley:

You’ll get a call time, a 5-10 minute audition window • Wed’s 9.30-11.30am or Fri’s 9am-12pm, and be invited in for a true to life Director/Producer style session with Wesley Salter.  Bring your headshot, resume and come ‘off-book’ and wardrobe appropriate.  Wesley may or may not throw re-directs and curve balls at you, you’ll work it out, and you are free to go.

You’ll then wait to get the news via email that you were (hypothetically):

• Pinned
• Booked it
• Not in the mix

along with ‘Casting Notes’ explaining why, with clear indications on what to work on.

This invaluable information will inform what and how you work on your next class, creating a collaborative pattern of positive, informed growth toward booking achievement.


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Also note that cancellations will be accepted up to 96 hours after registration is received or 96 hours prior to the start of the class/seminar/workshop (whichever happens first).  If you let us know in writing within this time frame, we’ll refund your payment less a $25 processing fee.  After this time, your payment is non refundable.