Constructive Creativity-01

This is a 21-day accountability program with a set group start date.  Maximum 12 participants.

Next start date will be Monday, May 31st

Taught By

Shane Thumb

Shane Savage
Full Bio Here

Date & Time

The Initial Sunday Group Session will be held at 4pm-5:30pm

Daily check-ins will be at 5pm


Live Online

Cost (tax incl)


The Motivation

A 21 day program designed to help you create, develop and nurture a healthy daily practice for your craft.
What can you be doing every day to strengthen your Voice, Body, Mind, Soul? 
Coming from a place of joy and love of Craft, coach Shane Savage will work with you both in a group and individually to help you create a unique program that is challenging and enjoyable to work on every day.
You are then held ACCOUNTABLE to that program with daily check-ins and a weekly group webinar, with follow up call one month after  your class ends.
The fun part comes from adapting and tweaking as we go until we find what works best for you.
Do you hate tongue twisters but love rap music?
Can’t run but love dance class?
Difficulty researching but love documentaries?
You will also be issued with spontaneous challenges and additional tasks to keep things fun and strengthen different muscles daily. 
Actors in this program will be connected with their peers in a private facebook group to foster community, share advice and resources, and to connect readers together for group challenges (Self tapes, cold play reads, monologue slams etc).

The Format

Once enrolled you will receive a starter pack with resources and pre-program homework. 
Sunday before day 1: Orientation will be held as a group webinar with Shane Savage to go over your starter pack, goals and to receive feedback and advice in a group setting.
Program will begin on a Monday and run for 21 consecutive days to build healthy habits.
Daily check-ins with Shane and your group to track progress
Weekly (Sunday) group webinar to troubleshoot challenges and receive advice/feedback in a group setting.
Fun bonuses on top of your program: 
Individual acting challenges
Group acting challenges
Online resources and group connectivity that never expire. 
Wholly Online, International Participants Welcome!


Please complete the following form.  Note that payment is required to confirm your registration.  When you complete the form and click ‘Submit and Complete Payment’, you’ll be taken to our PayPal form, but if you don’t have a PayPal account you can use any major credit card.

Also note that cancellations will be accepted up to one week prior to the start of the workshop.  If you let us know in writing within this time frame, we’ll refund your payment less a $50 processing fee.  After this time, your payment is non refundable.