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Friday, July 29th


788 Beatty Street
Floor B2
Studio JBA

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Jax Smith - Vancouver Acting Schools, Classes, & Workshops

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Women in Film & TV Vancouver

Creating Content

Team M&J are excited to be hosting this Q&A for Jeb Beach & Associates!

Jeb has invited us to speak to the community about our experience with being Content Creators these last few years. He’s asked us to share about the ups and downs and strategies we’ve used to keep what he would describe as, Growing Season going all year round.

As co-heads of Creative Services for JBA we hold a lot of the same values as Mr. Beach. We focus on offering support, encouragement, and guidance to fellow creatives as best we can from our own experience thus far, in order to help them feel empowered and inspired.

What has always appealed to us about Team JBA, and why we are so happy to be at the helm of a branch in this community, is the encouragement JBA gives their students to command their own careers and the environment established to foster said outcome.

Jeb saw potential in us two years ago and has wanted us to keep a toe in with JBA ever since. He has shared with us that he recognizes the benefits of self-driven content, and how this is a key component of empowering his students. Jeb recognizes the long-term potential for his students in thinking this way and that is why he has put his weight behind us and invited us to come and speak to you.

A little bit about us…

Team M&J have several TV series and feature film concepts at various stages of development, including ‘shopping agreements.’

We both serve on the board of Women In Film & TV Vancouver, as co-chairs of Communications with a focus on Advocacy for gender parity.

We are experienced on both sides of the lens. Each of us began as performers and have claimed space behind the camera over the last few years.

We, ourselves, continue to hone our craft with experienced industry professionals and trusted mentors (including Showrunners).

We are genuinely passionate about supporting and nurturing the creative endeavours of our students

Fun facts about us individually…


-was a baby model

-is allergic to gluten (she has ‘the Celiac’)

-has conquered her fear of heights

-is presently learning to ice-skate


-considers herself a cat whisperer

-is a notable green tea connoisseur (in her own mind)

-is a novice snowboarder

-can’t commit… to a hair length (really… ever)

For a list of how Creative Services can help, click here


“I recently received a consultation from Jax and Meeshelle on my application for the Sundance Episodic Story Lab, and their feedback made a huge difference in the quality of my pitch materials… Jax and Meeshelle’s feedback assured me I was on the right track, while pointing to specific things I could do to make it better. Every note they provided me with, I was able to accept at face value.  But lastly and most importantly, their feedback was directed at fulfilling my vision. They were focused on the story that I was trying to tell, and geared all their notes toward taking what I already had, and elevating the quality. I’ve just received word that my project has been selected for the next round of submissions, and Jax and Meeshelle’s advice played a huge part.  I’ve now submitted my pilot script and am anxiously awaiting next round’s results.  Thank you Jax and Meeshelle!” – Jordan Wilson, Vancouver BC

“Jax and Meesh provided me with invaluable insight into the world of screenwriting. They helped give my story a stronger structure and helped me explore what worked and what didn’t, all while being incredibly respectful of my vision for the piece. They also provided an excellent look into the business side of things, helping me figure out what my next step was. I thoroughly recommend this course [Practical Creative] to anyone who has a screenplay or heck, even a strong idea of what they hope to accomplish and a basic structure set up! You will not be disappointed.” – Katharine Taylor, Vancouver BC

Details of the talk

On July 29th we will be available for two hours to share our experience of ploughing ahead full steam with our own original content and to answer any questions you may have around how we can be of help on your individual creative endeavours.

We can’t wait to see you all!


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