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Vancouver Acting Teachers - Matthew Kevin Anderson - Comedy Class

Matthew Kevin Anderson
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Wesley Salter - Vancouver Acting Schools, Classes & Workshops

Wesley Salter
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Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0052

Cost (tax incl)

4-weeks: $377

8-weeks: $665

Class at a Glance

• 4 full classes (16hrs)

• 1 Business Hours  (2hrs)

• 1 Wild Card Audition (Director/Producer Session Simulation 1hr)

• 2 teachers Matthew Kevin Anderson & Wesley Salter

The Motivation

Inspired by Matthew Kevin Anderson’s article, Double Down.

In this class, we combine a fast-paced, no BS, on camera audition class with career-based practicality with insight and guidance from two experienced, passionate industry pros.

Specifically define what you need to get done right now in your career, then GET IT DONE in class, on camera.  Keep moving forward.  Double Down.

The Format

Start the session off with a pre-meet.  The TUESDAY before class starts, Wesley Salter will lead you through a Business Hours session in which you’ll identify exactly what you need to be working on right now.

The goal or goals will be shared with Matthew, and an action plan for your 4-8 weeks will be laid out.

Now get WORKING ON IT.  Every week, Matthew will push you to take your steps, and make your progress. Both in and out of the classroom.  Be ready to be held accountable and report in on the work you’re doing.

WILD CARD:  Randomly, once within every 4-week block, you’ll get an ‘audition call’ that challenges you to achieve your goal.  You’ll have a call time, and come in for a mock casting session. Run by Wesley and Matthew

You’ll run your audition exactly as you would in the real world and head out on your way.

Next class, as a group you’ll review what did and didn’t work based on both Matthew and Wesley’s feedback.  Are you doing everything you possibly can to book the role?  Did you fall short of what you could have done?  If so, why? What do you need to be doing differently?

Finally, you’ll wrap the 4-week round with a review of what you’ve moved forward, and be set for the next 4-weeks of your career.

What People Are Saying

The Double Down classes went above and beyond what was I was expecting. Now I feel like I’m on the right path once again and it’s exciting.

Thank you Matthew and Wesley!

  • Natalie Harris

This class not only focuses on acting for film and tv but is the only class I have taken that demystifies the ‘business’ of the business.  Who explains what to expect from your agent, how to talk to our agent, and how you can help your agent help you?  These guys do.  And it was the cold hard slap to the face that I needed to wake myself up.  I feel a shift happening as a result of what I learned that will truly benefit my career going forward.

  • Deborah Finkel

Double Down was an acting class experience unique unto itself. Matthew’s passion for acting and serious hard work and Wesley’s incredible knowledge and insight into the business brought two perspectives brilliantly together to give a well rounded understanding of what it takes to succeed as an actor, regardless of where you are in your journey. Over the month I was able to set short and long term goals that were realistic for both business & craft, work on my audition technique, be challenged with my use of process and feel 100% supported. What a fantastic learning opportunity from two great coaches. Thanks Matthew & Wesley, you are both quality human beings!!

  • Carmen Tether

I just wanted to send out a sincere thanks to you guys for Double Down. It was a tremendous learning experience for me. It kicked my butt and revealed all of the places I need to step up my game and be a professional actor.

Though it was really challenging some days ( I wanted to give up on myself and walk out…so many times) you guys held space for me to grow all while keeping the level of professionalism really high.

Thanks for being in my corner, all of you. I can’t recommend you enough and it is so awesome to see JBA grow like this. You guys are the best.

  • Ariel Ladret


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