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July 9, 10, 12

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Jeb Beach Vancouver Acting Coach

Jeb Beach
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Wesley Salter - Vancouver Acting Schools, Classes & Workshops

Wesley Salter
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Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
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Cost (tax incl)

Seminar Participant: $170
Active Participant: $395

The Philosophy

Harvest Season.  Our final season of the Three Seasons for the TV Actor.

The global content demand explosion in our industry, and especially in Canada.   With new media, a low Canadian dollar, and a world-class pool of talent and skill, opportunity abounds.  It is time to make hay, and up our careers by being the most prepared,  the most focussed out of the gate.

We’ll work on understanding the Audience Experience, review the ins and outs of every TV Series set to shoot locally this Harvest Season, work out your specific business and marketing to do’s, and practice the skills of creating ‘Bookable Moments’ to make sure we make the most of those 5 line and under auditions.

Participant Options

There is both practical and theory-based value to this workshop, so actors have a participation option for either:

Seminar Participants  ($170) will be prepared to prepare for the work:

  • Gain the industry, seasonal and personal perspective needed to productively and expertly prepare to collaborate with casting for every audition.
  • Develop a business-driven perspective that will inform choice.
  • Learn exactly what they need to work on in the next few weeks, setting up their pilot season and year.


Active Participants ($395 – very limited space)  will put it all in to practice.

  • Work new materials on camera each day, and
  • Be guided through their personal adjustment to style and making it work on camera.
  • Develop a personal practical ownership of the styles of each network.
  • Understand how to identify how they fit in each show
  • All acting work is filmed provided for download and review.


** All Participants will receive the 2018 Harvest Season Handbook with detailed notes on every series shooting this season **

The Format

Day 1
with Jeb Beach

Morning: An overview of the business of engagement,  the role we play in it, how things are evolving in our local market, and how it influences how we should be approaching our career from macro to micro.

Afternoon:  Begin to get practical with it.  We’ll start with a comparative overview of some key shows that are shooting locally, and begin to play with stylistic adjustment and how it affects character, intention, and choice.

Day 2
with Jeb Beach

We’ll continue digging in to all the shows that are shooting here with detailed analysis, video review, and on camera work.

By the end of day two, you’ll have a full understanding of all the shows shooting this Harvest Season, and how to use their stylistic parameters to enhance and support your unique and bookable performances on them

Day 3
with Wesley Salter

Morning: Using his unique perspective as a former Associate Casting Director as well as Actor and Producer, Wesley will lead the way with making the smaller auditions the most bookable.  Finding and creating the ‘Bookable Moments’ that make your audition memorable.

Afternoon: Business Hours time.  Wesley will review the state of each actor’s career, review marketing materials, and provide expert guidance as to what the crucial next steps are to make the most of this Harvest.


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