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Saturday, January 6th

10am-5pm (including a 1-hour lunch break)


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Zibby Allen
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Joe Towne
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Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0002

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The Motivation

Being ready to perform at our highest levels at a moments notice can feel impossible at times…. especially when we enter a “pressure” situation that could have life changing results.

We have created an actionable one day program to lead people through each step of their audition process, bringing fresh eyes and new insight to it.

The workshop series is designed to SUPPORT and CHALLENGE actors wherever they are on their journey. It is geared to empower actors to go beyond their perceived limits and to see WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE. We will get actors up on their feet, working AT THE EDGE OF THEIR OWN GROWTH, while helping to identify OLD PATTERNS and STORIES THAT WE TELL OURSELVES ABOUT OURSELVES.

The Format

We will work to recreate real-life scenarios and bring together how to craft a compelling audition while addressing  the intangible real-life obstacles that often get in the way of our best work:

*The science of “nerves”
*Rewriting unhelpful narratives about whether you deserve the job
*Reframing what the “opportunity” means
*How you show up in a “pressure” situation
*How to talk to yourself to set yourself up for success

You will work on camera multiple times with multiple scenes.  By the end of the workshop, you should have a refreshed, focussed perspective on your auditioning grind, and be in a positive mindset for a successful approach to the new year.



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