Instrument Development is about opening yourself up as a person, and as an actor.  Expanding emotional and stylistic range through study of craft and self.  You are the instrument that plays the music of life.  You must work to bring your acting to life by bringing your life to your acting until ultimately there is no distinction between the two.  As we expand and develop our instrument, we grow the range of characters, situations, and stories we can create.

Presence Weekend Intensive

Vancouver Acting Classes - Weekend Intensive - Karen Holness

This weekend will ground you in the concepts that we apply and explore in scene study, show you how to unlock the mystery of what’s on the page, dig past “choice” to the discoveries that lay hidden at the  heart of the story,  and how to push through personal barriers to open your true authentic connection to the work.  It’s an intense exploration of craft and self.

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Weekly Scene Study

Vancouver Acting Classes - Scene Study - Karen Holness

Use challenging scenes from stage and screen, as well as individual development assignments tools to develop ownership of Craft and Self.  Your goal is to erase the lines between the two and free yourself into the moment that has been written.  You will work with a partner on a challenging scene and we will work toward eliminating self consciousness and teach you the skills of creating true PRESENCE within circumstances of the story, bringing your acting to life and your life to your acting.
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Vancouver Acting Teachers - Karen Holness

Karen Holness
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