A prairie girl who wanted to be Indiana Jones when she grew up, Jessie buried her nose in text books and got a master’s degree. Then she realized that she’d rather play Indiana Jones on TV.

Ever since she has been working steadily as an actor on high-profile series such as Mistresses, Supernatural, J.J. Abrahms’ Fringe and Alcatraz, and Steven Speilberg’s The Whispers. She recently reprised her role on Amazon’s critically acclaimed series The Man in the High Castle, executive produced by Frank Spotnitz and Ridley Scott.

Between Film and TV gigs, Jessie has appeared in over 20 national and international commercials for brands such as Dentyne, Oral-B, Glade, Lexus, and Vicks. She has also gained a unique perspective on the audition process from the other side of the camera as a reader for busy Vancouver Casting Directors.

Jessie has yet to land a role as an adventuresome archeologist, but she’s confident that it’ll happen one of these days.