Date & Time

Thursday (11am-3pm)/Sunday (11am-3pm)

December 10/12/13
all times are PST

(note that it’s possible that we run longer than the stated completion time but never by too long!)


Live Online




Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Philosophy


We have an opportunity to work together to establish a foundation for the future of our industry.

Since going live online in March,  Jeb has hosted over 3,000 Zoom Auditions in his classes and coachings.  You’ll lean on this experience to prepare for working with casting on the new way.

On Day one, Jeb will coach you to doing intimate, expert work through Zoom to get you ready to work with Kris and Kara. On day two, Kris and Kara will give you notes, play with your work, and you’ll gain insight, perspective, experience, and rapport that normally would take 6-10 auditions and months or even years of auditioning.

Let’s get ahead of the curve and collaborate to define the new reality of successful auditions.

The Format

Day 1 Thursday December 10th or Saturday, December 12th

Actors will coach on either Thursday or Saturday with Jeb, and everyone will work with Kris & Kara on Sunday.  If you coach Thursday, you are enthusiastically invited to audit Saturday and vice-versa, or you are free to take the day off and join us on Sunday with Kris and Kara

Coach your scene with Jeb – make your ZOOM audition POP.  Apply the lessons learned from the 1,500 and counting Live Online auditions Jeb has hosted in his Connected and SharpPicking up the Pace, and   Advanced On Camera classes.  As always, you’ll get to the heart of the story, work within the tone/style of the show, but now, you’ll also build your technical skill set to make this all work for the road ahead.

All coaching work is filmed and emailed to you over night so you have the chance to review before you get one on one with Casting on Sunday.

Day 2:  Sunday,December 13th

Work one on one, live online with Casting.  You will be paired with another actor for the workshop, and you’ll read for each other.   Work and re-work the material, ask personal/career questions, and build your rep and rapport.

All participants will be able to watch all work

We’ll wrap up with a group Q&A.

Private links view and/or download video of all your work provided.


Registration is not currently available for this workshop as it is at capacity.

It is possible that there will be some last minute cancellations, in which case any spot that opens up will be offered to actors on the waitlist in order that that the request has been received.

If you’d like us to notify you should a space become available, please complete the form below.  No obligation here, just an option if it comes up!

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