Leveling Up-01

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Karen Holness - Vancouver Acting Schools, Classes, & Workshops

Karen Holness
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Date & Time

Three Days

Friday August 23rd 4pm-8pm
Saturday August 24th 1pm-6pm
Sunday August 25th 1pm-6pm


Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0002

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Auditing is not available for this workshop 

The Motivation

My experience of this Film and TV industry was transformed when one day I hit pause, and said to myself, ”Wait a minute, I have all the tools I need, I just need to make sure I am using them at all times.” So from that day forward I dug my heels in, refined my process and stuck to it.

and…That year I went from booking 2-4 projects per year to over 10 projects per year.

I’ve designed this workshop to focus on what each actor needs specifically to achieve whatever their next Level Up may be. Nomatter your skill level,  you come away from this weekend with a more refined approach to your own process.

The Format

Working with scenes from contemporary or classic plays, you will refine and possibly redefine your process and tools.

After a phone interview with Karen, you will be assigned a scene to challenge your specific area of focus for growth. You ARE REQUIRED to be off book, and have read the screen play or play that your material is sourced from, and come in ready to discuss the scene, character motivations, and themes in detail.

Over the course of the weekend, you will work it all, from page to stage.  You will focus on creating your fullest performance of the work, but also on the next level:  how to define your own strengths, weaknesses and counteract them. 

You will define your power to be free and fearless in your work and gain clarity on how to apply this to your Film and TV life, so that you can work on Leveling Up.


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