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Date and Time

November 9th, 10th, 11th

Friday: 6:30pm-10:30pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm



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Zibby Allen
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Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
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The Motivation

Being ready to perform at our highest levels at a moments notice can feel impossible at times…. especially when we enter a “pressure” situation that could have life changing results.

This 3-day comprehensive workshop is a deep dive into an entire audition process: from the initial email letting you know you have an appointment, through your preparation, audition, callback and ultimately EVERYTHING that comes next…

The workshop series is designed to SUPPORT and CHALLENGE actors wherever they are on their journey. It is geared to empower actors to go beyond their perceived limits and to see WHAT ELSE IS POSSIBLE. We will get actors up on their feet, working AT THE EDGE OF THEIR OWN GROWTH, while helping to identify OLD PATTERNS and STORIES THAT WE TELL OURSELVES ABOUT OURSELVES.

The Format

Day 1: Script Analysis for the 21st Century

Friday Nov 9th


This session is dedicated to discovering technique for breaking down audition sides, and maximizing the actor’s efforts to effectively prepare within a limited window of time. What does it take to handle the opportunities that come your way with a quick turnaround time? How do you set yourself up to best tell the story and tell it clearly? How do you make emotionally intelligent decisions in a way that translates in your audition?

Participants will be assigned audition sides this evening and will be able to apply new script analysis techniques to these sides.

Day 2: Hurry Up & Wait

Saturday Nov 10th

10am-5pm (1 hour lunch break)

Being ready to perform at our highest levels at a moments notice can feel impossible at times…. especially when we enter a “pressure” situation that could have life changing results. This session is dedicated to THE AUDITION. We will recreate real-life scenarios and bring together how to craft a compelling audition while addressing  the intangible real-life obstacles that often get in the way of our best work:

*The science of “nerves”

*Rewriting unhelpful narratives about whether you deserve the job

*Reframing what the “opportunity” means

*How you show up in a “pressure” situation

*How to talk to yourself to set yourself up for success

You will work on camera. By the end of the day, you should have a refreshed, focussed perspective on your auditioning grind, and be in a positive mindset for a successful approach to audition work.

Day 3: Fully Switched On

Sunday November 11th

10am-5pm (1 hour lunch break)

This session is dedicated to THE PRODUCER’S SESSION. We will recreate a high stakes audition/callback for each actor. By now, every participant will have set their own personal INTENTIONS, have new MINDSET GOALS to implement, as well a tangible TECHNIQUE to apply to their material. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a ‘producer’ in a callback session. Looking at the audition through the lens of the writer/casting director/producer can give us important insights that eliminate the mystery and pre-conceptions that often keep us from delivering our best work. 

You will work on camera again. By the end of the day, you will have new tools with which watch your tapes back with a constructive and keen perspective, allowing you to naturally improv audition after audition. If you have ever wondered “What is it they are looking for” during an audition. If you’ve ever been overly critical as you watch yourself back on camera. This is the class for you!




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