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Nominated for a Leo

Working with Jeb Beach is among the wisest moves I’ve made as an actress. For 8 years, I have constantly looked to Jeb to help guide and mould me into the actor I so desperately wanted to be. He speaks in a way that empowers me to take risks, futher my understanding of story and always be emotionally exactly where I need to be. Acting is all about telling the truth in that specific moment with the truth that is being given to you. To say Jeb is astutely honest would be an understatement. A pioneer of truth and specifics in every scene, I often look to him for a deeper understanding creating dynamic and emotionally raw performances. I was recently nominated for a Leo for my lead performance in the feature film Black Fly and can without a doubt say I could not have gotten to such dark places without the tools he had taught me. His methods allowed me to be free to listen and receive in every scene, moment to moment. How does one sum up in words what someone like Jeb has done for me? It’s truly impossible as he is an anomaly, and anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should run not walk.

Christie Burke | Leo-Nominated Actor (Black Fly), Strange Empire, Falling Skies, Twilight

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