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Karen Holness

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Commitment to hard work, growth, and fun.

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Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
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Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Motivation

Deeply immerse in craft, deeply explore the self, then remove the barrier, and allow the two to come together to create a performance that is unique, organic, and alive.  Bring your acting to life by bringing your life to your acting.

This is PRESENCE.  Acting through your true, authentic self.

This weekend will ground you in the concepts that we apply and explore in scene study, show you how to unlock the mystery of what’s on the page, dig past “choice” to the discoveries that lay hidden at the  heart of the story,  and how to push through personal barriers to open your true authentic connection to the work.  It’s an intense exploration of craft and self.

The Format

Based on some discussion with Karen,  you will be cast in advance with a scene parter in a scene chosen to present the challenges necessary to push your growth.

Specific preparatory instructions are provided to you as your scene is cast.

You are expected to come in memorized and rehearsed.

Over the course of the weekend, you’ll review the text, engage in exercises to get you present in the circumstances of the character and story, and work on and through any barriers that arise.

The goal is to leave empowered, invigorated, and connected with what is next in the growth of your instrument.

What People Are Saying

“I attended the “Presence” Workshop with Karen Holness on June 13-14, 2015. Karen challenged the whole class, focusing on us individually, and took our scenes to the next level. I didn’t think the scene I had could be any different or better but with her coaching I ended up surprising myself with where I could take my acting. I’m still shocked with my experience. I spent a couple of weeks at another acting institution after Karen’s workshop and experienced some different teaching styles. I’ve since happily returned to Jeb Beach & Associates.

What I like about Karen is that she really takes the time to get to know you by all means possible: phone, email, in person, etc. so that she can choose scenes that are suited and challenging for you. She is so in tune with herself, and others, that she picks up on the smallest emotions you are feeling and points it out, even before you realize you are having a moment.

I don’t know HOW she manages to tailor her attention and time to each of us without getting confused but she does and she does it well…and with so much PASSION that it is contagious and inspiring.

She’s more than a teacher: she is a friend, a thoughtful presence, a life coach, and believes in her students so much that I feel like doing well for her more than myself sometimes because you can feel how much she wants you to succeed!

If you want to improve your acting, I highly recommend training with Karen Holness. She is tough, but kind, and I always see results. Oh and it does not matter what your acting background is…we have working actors as well as students taking acting classes for the first time and it does not take away from the class or the learning. We all end up building our acting chops!

I easily can look back at the Presence Weekend and remember how I felt because it took me to deep emotional place that allowed me to have such a strong connection and presence in my scene that afterwards I asked: “What the HECK was that?!?” And I keep going back for more. Actually, my on-going classes with her are filled with the same students from the Presence weekend so I know I’m not the only one who thinks she rocks as an acting coach!”

– June Kim


Karen is a amazing teacher. She pushes and pulls with a firm, but loving hand to get the best from her students.  Karen’s excellent knowledge and passion for performing make her classes, engaging, lively and comfortable.  This stems from her genuine desire to help her students reach their goals and get real work.  She Is able to guide her students to success step-by-step with eloquence, laser focus and insight.  Almost immediately after cutting a demo with Karen,  I was being selected and going to principal auditions. She had provided the tools and support that helped me to challenge myself and grow as an actor.  I am truly inspired and hungry for more. Thank-you, Karen !

Darryl B King


“Karen provides a fun & safe environment which allows you to learn, grow & explore with fellow actors of all levels. She has a beautiful balance of empowering the actor, encouraging you to work hard & bring your best!! Her knowledge, talent, & care are endless!! Enjoy the passion in the room!!! ”


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