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MONDAY, October 4th

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Karen Holness
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4-weeks: $296
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The Philosophy

Let’s use this time to get all your monologues solid, locked and loaded.

The actor requires ownership of craft and ownership of self in order to deliver what’s being asked of him or her.  As the actor grows, deepening awareness of each, eventually the line between the two vanishes, acting itself vanishes, and real life emerges.  This is PRESENCE.  It’s this experience that we’re all in it for, moments of effortless crystal clear surprising discovery that are completely unique to you yet exactly what was scripted.

Karen provides a safe,  supportive foundation for each actor to build the skills required to work from this place.  She calls these skills the“Actor’s Tool box”.  Each actor must constantly refine, rediscover, and hone their ownership of the tools in their toolbox.

That’s the point of Scene Study.

Building from the foundation that actors bring, Karen will lead you through your journey of exploration and discovery that will challenge you to reach, stretch, and grow as an actor.  You’ll dig deep and keep growing your Actor’s Toolbox.

Researching and finding the right Monologue one is an important part of an Actor’s skill set.  So, with some instruction and guidance from Karen, you will you will source your own monologue.

You’ll use the monologue to explore script analysis and character development. It has always been an industry standard that every actor have 2 or 3 monologues that they can perform on the spot if requested .

You’ll identify the structure and theme of the material and create the framework for your exploration.  Applying a series of exercises designed to expose the personal and focal blocks that inhibit your presence we will bring you into the now, into the place where acting truly lives, where characters come to life.

The Format

A  4-week scene study class designed to keep you in a state of constant development of craft and self understanding:

Week 1: Setting the Starting Point of view by mining the STORY. Starting with table work, we’ll set the stage for informed interpretation of text, digging past the metaphor of what’s on the page, to the human experience that is written, using a specific set of tools and perspective.

Week 2: Reshaping Your Perspective by Mining the SELF.  What do YOU know about the circumstances you’ve discovered?  How do you put yourself into the specific emotional place of the character?  And once you have, how does it altar the understanding you’ve built.

Week 3: Discovering The Nuance of character and story.  Putting the scene into action, abandoning all preconception and playing for discovery to foster organic, spontaneous realizations and decisions that come from being deeply immersed in the personal understanding that you’ve built.

Week 4: Wrapping It Up Final performances are up and filmed, and your go-forward notes for development are provided.

The Commitment

Positivity isn’t about false praise or not expressing frustration or anger.  It’s about refusing to give in to the fearful forces in all of us that make us want to stagnate or retreat. YOU CAN SO.  Negative actions toward self or others will not be accepted. There’s no time for it – there’s too much to explore and learn.  It’s a joyful thing we do. When we focus on nurturing our sense of possibility for ourselves and for our peers, we will achieve.

We are challenging our comfort zones, playing in the fragile, sensitive exciting corners of our lives – imaginary and real. This is only possible in the environment of safety that is born of respect.  Respect for your self, for your peers, for the space, and for your craft.

Growth takes time.  We have a sense of where we want to go, and we get anxious, worried, and impatient about getting there.  That is a major road block.  SLOW DOWN.  Breathe, take your time.  Focus on the PRESENT, and the future will take care of itself, born of the right decisions right now.

The truth is that if you are committing to the three key values, they will create discipline.  They are the ingredients of discipline.  The results of discipline is that you will: Show up prepared.  Off book, rehearsed, and committed.  Outside of class, you will make time to work with your scene partner (if you have one).  If (and when – we’re all human) you find yourself falling short in these disciplines it’s because one of the above is falling short.

This is a very challenging craft you’ve chosen, it is demanding and rewarding. Commit to all of the above, growth & joy will ensue.

Let’s make THAT happen.


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