Vancouver Film Industry TV Training Weekend

Date & Time

Saturday & Sunday
February 20/21


Vancouver Acting Teachers - Jeb Beach

Jeb Beach
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Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0052

Cost incl tax

Active Participant: $377

Seminar Participant: $170


Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Philosophy

The Time Is Now


We are in the midst of a historical production boom.  More than likely it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence.  There’s a convergence of several factors that have created a global explosion in demand for content, and we’ve also got a low Canadian Dollar which is driving a additional financial incentive for US productions to produce in Canada.

There are 10 new (or relocating) series beginning to cast and shoot in Vancouver RIGHT NOW.

Let’s be prepared for them and strike while the iron is hot.

The Format

Learn to identify and understand the audience experience that the show has been designed to create.

Learn to apply this understanding to guide character and story exploration, and create auditions that are fully developed, unique, engaging, interesting and which inhabit the parameters of the show.

We’ll start with an in-depth review of each show.  3-6 pages of detailed notes are provided along with video review, comparing and contrasting with other shows.

Materials are provided ahead of time to prepare, and after the review we’ll work on camera, and find your ability to play (rather than stay) ‘ between the lines.

Links to viewable and downloadable versions of your work are provided for your review and sharing.

The Workshop Will Empower You To:

Accurately determine how a show will look and feel from the often limited information available on a breakdown.

Identify exactly  how you fit onto each network and show.
Adjust your style on the fly, network to network, show to show.
Predict and prepare for the styles that your industry will demand in the near future.

The TV Industry moves FAST. It rewards those who are able to deliver on its needs.   The better we understand the needs of our industry, the better prepared we are to deliver. The more we deliver, the more we book.  Let’s work the style and earn the work!

Participation Options

There is both practical and theory-based value to this workshop, so actors have a participation option for either:

Seminar Participants  ($170) will be prepared to prepare for the work:

  • Gain the industry, seasonal and personal perspective needed to productively and expertly prepare to collaborate with casting for every audition.
  • Develop a business-driven perspective that will inform choice.
  • Learn exactly what they need to work on for every show.

Active Participants ($377 – very limited space)  will put it all in to practice:

  • Work materials on camera each day, and
  • Be guided through their personal adjustment to style and making it work on camera.
  • Develop a personal practical ownership of the styles of the shows.
  • Receive digital copy of all their acting work in class for review/sharing


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