Philosophy & Overview

As a Professional  Film and Television Actor there are three key categories on which you must focus: Instrument Development, Audition Booking Skills, and Career Development.

You must be constantly be developing individually and caring for the delicate balance between these disciplines.  If one is out of alignment, the whole system falls, and your career stagnates. This is the philosophy behind Team JBA.  All of our classes and workshops fall into one of these fundamental categories.

With the fundamental philosophical values of Commitment, Discipline, Compassion, and Support driving our work, the JBA Team will help you hone in on where your opportunities for artistic and professional growth exist,  and direct you forward freely into your life and career as an actor.

Instrument Development

Expanding emotional and stylistic range through study of craft and self.  You are an instrument that plays the music of life.  You must work to bring your acting to life by bringing your life to your acting until ultimately there is no distinction between the two.

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Audition Booking

This is a crucial and distinct skill set.  Getting the job and doing the job are different applications of your instrument.  The actor who masters both is going to work more.

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Career Development

We must take ownership of our careers, and transform challenges into opportunities.  This starts with a high level of industry awareness, and familiarity building with key career influencers.  When we focus on understanding how the industry works, we learn how we can help in function, and discover how to move forward by being of service.

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