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Date & Time


May 10th-12th


This workshop is in TORONTO

Location TBC


$323 incl tax


Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Motivation

Work together by working together

Casting is a collaborative experience.  The further and more consistently we we collaborate with casting, the better options we co-create with them for our mutual client, and the more often we are invited back.

We should work on that.  Early and often.  This workshop is designed to build that collaboration in as close as possible to a the real-world audition experience.  With some expert support along the way.

You’ll have 20-30 minutes in the room with casting Jeb, and  one other actor, and will gain insight and perspective that normally would take 6-10 auditions and months or even years of auditioning.

The Format

Day 1 Friday May 10th OR Saturday, May 11th

Actors will coach on either Thursday or Friday with Jeb, and everyone will work with Jason & Jeb on Sunday.  If you coach Thursday, you are enthusiastically invited to audit Friday and vice-versa, or you are free to take the day off and join us on Sunday with Jason.

Coach your scene with Jeb – get to the heart of the story,  emotional truth of both your character and yourself, and put it into action with the rules of engagement that he has defined through constant work collaborating with casting and actors in classes, and find your unique take within the stylistic range of the materials as regularly explored in Jeb’s Audience Experience classes.

All coaching work is filmed and emailed to you over night so you have the chance to review before you get in the room with Casting on Saturday

Day 2:  Sunday, May 12th
Get in the room and work with Casting.  You will be paired with another actor for the weekend, and you’ll read for each other – doubling your time in the room.  Work and re-work the material, ask personal/career questions, and build your rep and rapport.

We’ll wrap up with a group Q&A.

Private links view and/or download video of all your work provided.


This workshop is at capacity.  You may add yourself to the wait list below, and we’ll contact you if a spot opens up – there’s no cost or obligation  – just the option to register should a spot become open.

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