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Taught By

zibby new

Zibby Allen
Full Bio Here

Date & Time

Saturday, February 15th


Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0002

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Auditing is not available for this workshop

The Motivation

You can be a great actor but not great at auditioning… why is that? Because auditions are their own beast. In addition to having raw natural talent, auditioning requires analytical skills, story comprehension and creative puzzle solving. In your audition, the audience (casting director/director/writer/producers) have to experience everything that’s going on in the world of your scene through you and you alone. And you’ve got to convey that story with compelling clarity.

This seminar is an invitation to get deliberate about designing your audition technique and take a deep dive into your audition material. Every script comes with a map to guide and direct your emotions and creative choices. Every script is full of clues and crucial information which will tell you exactly what the story is. Learn how to read the map of your audition sides so that you can then channel your talent and unique creative magic with clarity, confidence and accuracy.

The Format

Seminar + Practicum:

Learn how to analyze your scripts and develop a fool-proof map for your audition prep in order to deliver strong, dynamic, and bookable auditions consistently.


  • Receive a step by step on how to breakdown a scene in order to identify exactly what the story is.
  • Begin to implement a script analysis/prep process by working through set of sides together.
  • Identify and adopt the tools necessary to launch every one of your auditions from a full, charged and story-appropriate place.
  • Develop an integration process – personalizing and connecting to the story once you’ve identified it.
  • Put your new skills to the test with a mock audition at the beginning and end of the workshop to feel and see the difference in your work

This seminar is 6 hours with a 45 minute lunch break. You must be able to stay for the entire seminar.  All materials will be provided.


This workshop is at capacity.  You may add yourself to the wait list below, and we’ll contact you if a spot opens up – there’s no cost or obligation  – just the option to register should a spot become open.
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