SOLD OUT!  We’ll be back for Pilot Season 2020

Date and Time

January 27th & 28th
10am-6pm each day

*** Please note that times are OUTSIDE times and actual schedule may shift within those times based on subject matter for any given day.***



Jeb Beach
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Wesley Salter - Vancouver Acting Schools, Classes & Workshops

Wesley Salter
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Beatty Street Studios
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The Motivation

PILOT SEASON is about planting seeds.  Taking advantage of more face time at higher levels with casting to prove your viability. It’s a pre-screen for the whole year and you can open the doors and raise your stock in the minds of casting more so at this time of year than any other.


With every audition you have, you are given an insanely tight timeline – about 18-24 hours – to be ready to perform at the highest level.  The further you can grow, explore, and develop your characters within the stylistic parameters of the material, the further you will go in the room, and the more consistently you will book.  The actor who shows up ready to collaborate to create interesting and viable character options for the client consistently will audition consistently.

There a huge opportunity out there right now. It’s creating the chance for actors to get ahead of the curve and collaborate further than most.  The calendar and the status quo are creating it.

The opportunity exists because many actors don’t clearly understand how to predict and inhabit the stylistic range of unknown shows with little information to go with.  As a result miss the chance to develop their most advanced, nuanced and well explored characters to their Pilot Season auditions, and miss the chance to leave an impression that can serve their success for the rest of the year.

The Pilot Season Intensive is about claiming this opportunity.

Learn to think like the client. Make the absolute most out of your limited audition prep time, and go further in the room.

Create your advantage. Get ahead of the curve and stay there.

The Format

Day One
 10am-6pm with Jeb Beach

An overview of the Entertainment Industry, and how it’s present state of change is creating opportunities and changing how we need to play the game.We’ll cut through the flash and get to the simple truth of what the business is all about – ENGAGEMENT. 

Understanding how it really works is the basis for identifying the BUSINESS parameters that guide artistic choice.

Understanding where it’s GOING will make clear how to be ready for the opportunity that always comes with change.



Agents, Casting, and Actors have the same Client:  The Network. The better we meet the needs of the client, the more we will work.  Learn how to identify the needs of the network to guide your work. Categorize the Networks based on clearly identifiable characteristics which will guide your exploration.

And then…. it starts to get fun and a little silly:

In addition to understanding what they are and why, we will work audition scenes playing from style to style, Network to Network.  Actors’ personal barriers to entry are going to pop up.  We’ll get past each actor’s cliched understanding of the style and open up their personal play space so that they kind find their unique take on characters within that style.


Day Two
 10am-4pm with Wesley Salter

“Pilot Season is your Pre-Screen for the whole year.”
As a former Associate Casting Director, Wesley has had the opportunity to actually work on a Casting Team doing ‘BIG Network’ casting searches and knows what makes him remember ‘actors’ work in pilot season, and look to invite them back into the room throughout the year. Make no mistake, that’s the real and all to often missed value of Pilot Season: ‘winning’ the room for the rest of the year.


Pilot Season 2020….Here we GO!

authentic voice

The Audition
a simulated ‘Director/Producer’ session – 1 take [bring your ‘A’ game]

Pilot Season Casting

understanding the process.
what does ‘Pilot Season’ mean for you?
winning the room.
‘Tool Kit’

a GLOWING Actors ‘Tool Kit’

headshots [review]
resume [the BIG 3]
scene work demo [push material]
symmetry online



An exploration of ‘Bookable Moments’

becoming a tech nerd
finding the beats
simplify & shine


Business Hours

It’s time to fill your Acting Tool Kit via an Open Forum. I would like you to prepare your list of the ‘Top 2-3′ industry questions that having been burning in the back of your mind. The goal is to empower you with an ‘actionable knowledge’ that you can apply to your acting career right now. “a supportive & candid group Q & A session where each participating actor will have an equal opportunity to finally ask that question that’s been on your mind and/or to discuss something that came up on your acting journey recently.

Potential discussion topics: Actor challenges • Audition do’s & don’ts • Agent
communication • Slow times • Casting room etiquette (start to finish) • Making Indies • Your audition experience • Road blocks • Success stories • word- on-the-street• Simplicity • Social Media”