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Jeb Beach Vancouver Acting Coach

Jeb Beach
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Date & Time

Saturday & Sunday

February 29th/March 1st


Beatty Street Studios
788 Beatty Street, Floor B2
After Hours Buzzer: 0002

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Auditing is not available for this workshop 

The Motivation

Let’s take a break from the manic ‘pump it out’ pace of the Film and TV Audition Grind and get back to the roots.  Dig in to complex scenes that challenge us to grow and develop.

Study and explore an in depth understanding and ownership scene structure, character motivation, use of imagination to connect to the text, and presence within it all with a small group of actors.

The Format

Actors are assigned a scene and a scene partner to work with over the weekend.   Scenes assigned in advance.  You are not expected to meet with your partner before the weekend, but you ARE REQUIRED to be off book, and have read the screen play or play that your material is sourced from, and come in ready to discuss the scene, character motivations, and themes in detail.

Start the morning on Saturday breaking down the scenes, and then, over the course of the weekend work in pairs and as a group to get deeper and take the work further.

We’ll work the whole process for the actor.  From page to stage.  

You should expect to come away from this weekend with an enhanced understanding of YOUR process.

We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll kick each other in the ass, and we’ll support each other as we grow.



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