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Jax Smith - Vancouver Acting Schools, Classes, & Workshops

Jax Smith
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Zibby Allen
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Starts Thursday, June 4th

There are varying projects/schedules throughout the six week class. Generally, you will need to have Thursdays or Fridays 3pm-6pm available. 



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The Motivation

New platforms and formats have been driving a growing demand for content for years. Audiences are becoming niched, and unique original stories and characters are needed.
The ability to conceive, write, produce, and connect with an audience is more accessible than it ever has been.  Today, the actor who writes has more opportunities to define their careers than ever before.
Let’s Write Our Own Ticket, shall we?

The Motivation

A six-week workshop/group that rotates through the process outlined below. It can benefit a project of any format (short film, web-series, long-format series, feature), from initial ideation to the final draft stage – as long as a scene (preferably between two characters) can be pulled/generated from the material. 
Week 1: 
-Hour Intro meeting: group introductions, outlining the workshop, group cohesion, scene-writing tips, and process insights, etc.
-Participants write their first drafts this week / select a scene from their existing material they would like to work on. 
Week 2:
-Each Participant gets one, 30 min consultation with Jax, on their written scene. 
Week 3: 
-3-hour group meeting with out-loud readings of early scene-drafts. 
-Participants will hear some or all of their scenes read out loud as a means of gathering insight for their next rewrite, etc. 
-Guided peer feedback
-Participants will be able to ask questions, connect with the collective, and share with one another what their process has been like, so far.
Week 4:
-Participants rewrite/edit/finesse their scenes this week based on group read insights/feedback
-Each Participant gets one, 30 min follow up consultation with Jax this week, on their written scene.
Week 5:
– 3-hour group meeting, wherein Zibby will lead Participants through the *‘Script Analysis’ process (highlighting the intersection between actor & writer). While Participants are working on their revised drafts, they’ll be able to source from this ‘Script Analysis’ exercise for their rewrites.
Week 6:
-Final drafts of the scenes are turned in into Jax & Zibby. 
-Participants are assigned to each other’s scenes to perform.  
-Participants implement the ‘Script Analysis’ process now, as the actor, for their assigned scenes.
–Zibby will guide/direct the scenes in a, ‘Back to Booking’ style group session.
-Participants will receive taped performances of their work.
*the 3 hr, ‘Script Analysis’ process is a condensed version of the ‘Deep Dive‘ workshop Zibby typically offers and will be tailored to the context of, ‘Write Your Own Ticket’.



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